Friends - Part 1

I am going to rave some more about my friends.
To Guys and a Gal
It was one of those usual weekends, when you are a fresher in a city, and you can't stand a single second because the people around you are not like anybody you know and you want to gulp down a couple of pegs and become someone else having to do nothing with the people or the city.

Abhishake and Avinash crashed into a discotheque one such weekend. They used to live in Noida then.
In Chennai, I was lazing around in my room that evening.
My phone went abuzz. 'Abhishake calling...'
A wide grin spread across my face.
This guy is a great friend, a very likeable person, sentimental yet strong and understanding.

The song 'Desi Girl' from Dostana blared in the background.
For the uninitiated, this song features Junior B, Piggy Chops and Johny Bravo having a blast in a stylish disco.
'Hello?' I repeated, my curiosity piqued now.
Two voices broke into the loudspeaker. 'Hello!'.
One of the voices quipped between chuckles. 'We are at a disq getting wasted.'
I giggled. What other job do they have?
The other voice joined in, 'And they are playing Desi Girl!'
'I can hear that. So?' I asked.
'You are our Desi Girl.' And they guffawed.
I joined in their mirth.
'We miss you immensely'. Aww.

And then we spoke about which girl they were ogling at there, mundane office affairs, plans to go home, and when we would meet next. We went back to whatever we were doing after the call.
But their likening us to the Dostana trio was sweet, I thought. Left me smiling.


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