The Chalice says...

I am the Afghanistan that your America has pilfered.
I used to be naive before, but since I have understood your cunning I don't trust you.

I am the hard work, sincerity and the toil that you crushed and trampled with your cunning and deceit.
I am the talent which never saw success because you snatched my opportunity. And so my eyes have become the mirror into which yours can hardly look into.

You have beside you a chattering parrot which tries to seek your attention, fluttering its mascara-ed eye lashes and pouting its red beak. You stare outside the window, the least interested while I look on with amusement from the seat behind.
If I were with you(instead of the parrot), I would sit by the window; you would want me to, every time. I am that kind of a woman.
You waste your time taming a hundred such parrots rather than be with someone like me because between the both of us, I shine. You are definitely polished well, but I shine.

I am that gender which constantly has to fight against a mighty but invisible lobby of shadows of your gender; I say shadows because only your shadows remain. You used to be strong, dependable and worthy of trust once. Today you feed out of crushing whoever is stronger, faster or better. You survive solely by the strength of your lobby rather than by merit and remain increasingly insecure of your dwindling abilities.

I call out to you to face me, if you have the courage, in this battle, because today you have to fight to take what I have. Today I am not giving it all away hoping that you are more responsible, believing that the power will be better used in your hands. Because today I have the feeling that I deserve it more than you; success has never got into my head, money was not spent into nights of mindless boozing and power was never used to hurt another.

From where I see it you hardly stand a chance.


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