The Rebel

To all the men in my life who aspire to be saints and ascetics, to every person who advocates inaction or even detachment as the way to stay away from conflicts or struggle, thank you for showing me the other way.
But I will not allow your opinions to come in the way of my interests which are absolutely worldly in nature. Because passion for plain awesomeness, cannot exist with non-involvement. For awesomeness shall be my life's goal every moment that I live.

I will consider the alternate course only when I will have struggled to have a taste of everything life has to offer today. My struggle will be like the struggle of Man, who has had to do everything by himself to be whatever he is so far. I will work till I bring about change, I will climb the mountains, cross the rivers, laugh through all the tears, love till my heart breaks, be impatient, careless, and funny and love over and over again if I have too. It is only this way that I can do justice to Life.

Here's chucking all those words of wisdom and enlightenment I have read over the years into the recycle bin. They are after all just words, serene and peaceful albeit, but not of much use to me. Like the Medical Encyclopaedia in the book shelf back home,which gathers dust because all that valuable information was never of use to any of us(One Arts Major and Three Engineers in the family).

Moreover, there are other words that help when I drive a nail into my finger while hammering, for instance ;). If these words speak of a Place where I have to go to, I have learnt all about it. But I will make my own path reaching that Place.


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