On healing internal wounds, etc.

When Consciousness manifested as Creation, that was the only instance that anything ever happened without a memory.
Since then, everything that has been happening has been crystallized into space time. Thus our minds keep repeating to us what our ancestors told themselves subconsciously. This collective ancestral memory perhaps passes through our genes. Perhaps there is an algorithm for every individual that decides exactly which nerves fire up in the event of rejection, criticism or failure and which kind of childhood memories these incidents trigger.  And perhaps, how each person consequently deals with this new crisis coupled with the sudden onslaught of unpleasant memories, makes each of us so uniquely beautiful. These agonizing internal battles mostly end in 2 ways -
1) The storm causes too much destruction around in the form of blaming, fault-finding, feeling victimised, seeking closure outside, plotting and exacting revenge, feeling guilty for being wrathful, forgiveness and reconciliation.

2) The painful memories give way to the sunshine of pleasant memories of accomplishment, achievements, victories, peace and contentment. One actively seeks closure and healing on his own through knowledge, introspection and looks at the truth objectively by dissociating himself from the situation.

Often when the latter happens, it comes with a gush of original wisdom, inspiration and some form of creative release.

While understanding the purpose of everything, the mind, if you've established a fairly decent rapport with it will bring you to this shore : There is Nothing - absolutely zero, zilch, nil to be deciphered, understood, discovered, or be enlightened about. How the mind brings you here is the interesting bit and all paths broadly fall into one of these two :  

1) The path of disbelief, of darkness, of the absolute abandonment of wonder and the suspension of imagination. This path is boring.

2) The path of faith, of wonder, of miracles, of Gods and godmen, of tears of anguish and joys in redemption, of boons and curses, of beauty and the mundane, of opposites and their enchantment with each other. This path is very interesting because it contains creation in its entirety (without cherry picking).

But when the shore is reached, one must bid adieu to dear mind and set sail on his own.
Ultimately this voyage will annihilate everything one identifies with. Thus it is not not difficult to see how both paths above can lead to the same state.

The final destination is the return of the original innocence, an eternal silence, it is the final dissolution of my face and yours and every mask one wore on the journey, from universal memory.
It is the great purge and also the most resplendent reunion. It is the cessation of fear forever, it is also being what you truly are.


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