Friends - Part 2

Then there are people whom I met in Infosys who are totally wacky, completely gross, absolutely silly yet loads of fun to be friends with. You'll know what I am talking about:
Take Prazy boy for instance.
He drops into Chennai from Bangalore as if it were just half-an-hour apart on bike, in the middle of the week even sometimes. The plans to meet-up-have-fun follow shortly and amalgamate pleasantly with my weekend plans. Incessantly giggling, we watch movies mostly or eat out sometimes with other friends.
With Prazy boy around you'll be rolling on the floor laughing invariably.Whether it is the Curious Case of the Parrot and the parotta or Rindo's 'play'-tonic relationships with his Transformers(and ahem, Barbie dolls), Prazy's impromptu style with words always amuse me.
Like all good things, there is a downside to this as well. Consider this:
On demanding a gift on Rakhi, he replied that I was already a 'gifted' person and hence wouldn't need any more gifts.
And this:
I got christened as 'Nosey Bosey' because I asked a question that caught him off-guard.

Then there was a person I knew called Benly:
Benly had this single, generic solution to most of life's problems which was to drink a glass of tepid hot or ice cold water (though which temperature suited with situation was beyond my understanding). I guess it had to do with his age and experience.Anyway, I was once traveling to Chennai in a train and there were 5 other middle-aged men in my compartment. I won't divulge details of that excruciating journey except for the 'fart'part.
At night soon after the lights were turned off and everybody settled into their bunks, there was this intolerable smell closest to that of rotten eggs.
I thought I would faint. Because whoever passed that awful jet of digestive gas from their rear-end hadn't finished yet.
Or maybe the others joined too. To take revenge. (Men use strange weapons to fight their battles,no?)I sent a message to Benly venting out my frustration.
To which he replied, "Take a deep breath. Inhale and Exhale. The oxygen is good for your system". Darn.


prazyunleashed said…
It's sweet of u to let the world know i exist. Blest be my soul :p
rindojustrindo said…
Slander! This is slander, I say! :P:P

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