Movie Recall - 1

Thodasa Roomani Ho Jayen is essentially a fairy tale set in modern times. Produced by Doordarshan and directed by Amol and Chitra Palekar, this movie tells the story of a girl, Binny, who thinks that she doesn't look beautiful. She lives with her father and two brothers in a city where the rains are late on a particular year. One day a con man arrives at their offering to bring rain within 2 days, in exchange for Rs.5000. He proceeds to touch each of their lives gradually ironing out creases of despair and sadness from their minds.

The protagonists portray humane characters, each coloured with different fears, insecurities and strengths. The dialogues are creatively woven into rhymes, adding to the fairy-tale effect. The movies takes us to an old age home full of merry-making old men and to a wedding reception where well-dressed people exchange artificial niceties. It touches the different strata of our society, across age-groups, between the two genders, highlighting very subtly where the differences lie between each one of us.Deep ironies of life with little hints of pain are effortlessly conveyed through simple words.

Nana Patekar as the Rainmaker and Anita Kanwar as Binny are awesome. If you've seen The Rainmaker starring Katherine Hepburn, you might find this a mediocre remake, done on a shoe-string budget. But nevertheless, it leaves you with goody feeling, as if the soles of your slippers suddenly had springs attached to them.


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