Ek Cuttin Chai - 2 ;)

The first makta here
"Marriages are made in heaven."People meet on earth only for a cup of tea :p
Tea, arguably is the single most important factor in getting the average Indian marriage fixed.
Imagine this, somewhere in the east:
Emaculately dressed, a young Bengali lady walks carefully into the living room with a tray laden with the best pieces of china, filled with spiced Darjeeling tea.
She serves everybody (The gentleman, his parents, her parents) sitting in the room and finally sits on her chair, erect and eyes lowered.
Monster-in-law (imagine the Bingley sisters from Pride and Prejudice): You have decorated your house very well.
Mother: Didi, can't do much these days, due to leg pain
Monster-in-law (Surprised): Why? Don’t the servants help you?
Mother: They don’t enter into the kitchen or the Puja room
Monster-in-law (impressed, turns to the young lady, falling into the trap laid just for her:):
Oh! So dear, it is you who has prepared the tea? Wonderful!
The lady nods a trifle embarrassed at her mother's ploy and extremely annoyed at the exaggerated reaction of her future mother-in-law. Of course, she can prepare tea! She catches her father wink at her, for a fraction of a second, and tries with all her might to stop herself from breaking into giggles.
Baat ban gayi!
New Roles for the woman of the new era
The Indian society has always been patriarchic and male dominated. Everybody knows that, in this country, men are more moved more by the fragrance of attars, agarbatis and flowers than by the tears of the fairer sex.
It was thus not surprising, when, in the not too distant past, an eminent lyricist of Bollywood penned down words of a hit Hindi song:
Ek garam chai ki pyaali ho
Koi usko pilaane wali ho
The chai, evidently, is the subject of importance here, the cause.
The lady is more of an effect, an object having a seemingly important job - preparing tea for a self-anointed Lord (and even making him drink, literally).
Ek Akela is sheher mein...

Or if you were a girl/guy, displaced from home, like me, the weekends would find you squatting in front of the TV, a mug, in your hands, lost completely in another world, oblivious to what’s happening in the idiot box.
Dwindling supplies(ranging from 'vegetables at home' to 'money in bank') would feature in your thoughts, or when to plan your next vacation, or what gifts to buy for kith and kin, or even more pertinent questions like "Am I going to be way, for the rest of my life?" and all.
You are suddenly brought back to the present by a tea ad, showing a person, huddled somewhere near the Himalayas, lost in thoughts just like you, a matka of chai in hands.
"Taaza ho le!" The ad says, reminding you, your talents and inspiring you for a higher life.
‘Hey ‘you think ‘even I could do that well. Why don't I give it a try?’
An instant decision to join a hobby class; a quick calculation of finances and instant happiness.
And then the rains to wash it down the drain.
‘Let me call X and share what I think… ‘
"Hey hi, you know what, I saw this ad..."
Strains of your favorite song play on your laptop, ‘Aboodana dhoonta hai…Ashiana dhoondta hai…’
The next morning is another dull Monday morning, no different than the last. :)


debajyoti said…
our sad routine life hahaha with an exception of that tea. loved the way u incorporated those songs and ads :D
Kajal said…
wow.. so beautflly done. The mom and mom-in=law and the typical sunday ! I loved it.
Glad to have found you at Indiblogger. Your newest follower and a regular visitor now.
Varnita Bose said…
Humbled Kajal
Hope I can keep churning stuff consistently!

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