Bollywood Calling - 1

Here is a list of my favorite hindi movies from the 70s and 80s. If you think Bollywood always churned out potboilers with senseless skin-showing and nonsensical song and dance routines, watch these movies to know otherwise. Most of these stories revolve around simple relationships within middle-class families upholding values like respect, honesty, integrity, sharing and love. Sadly simplicity and innocence is hard to find in relationships today, movies mirroring the society are no different. But if the movies Bollywood makes represents India to a global audience, then I am proud of the movies it made in that decade.

Parichay starring Jaya Bhaduri, Jeetendra, Sanjeev Kumar, Pran and others
Naughty kids harass a strict disciplinarian grand-father until a noble tutor comes to thier rescue. Sanjeev Kumar who starred opposite Jaya Bhaduri in Anamika plays her father in this charming movie directed by Gulzar. Don't miss the classical track 'Beeti na Bitai raina...'sung by Bhupinder and Lata Mangeshkar(won a National Award for Playback Singing in this movie)
Apne Paraye starring Shabana Azmi, Amol Palekar,Utpal Dutt, Girish Karnad and others
The movie remains faithful to Sarat Chandra Chaterjee's 'Nishkriti' on which it is based. Amol Palekar plays the simpleton, younger brother of Utpal Dutt in this emotional story of differences within a Bengali middle class family. Shabana Azmi plays the dutiful but straightforward, younger daughter-in-law. Watch this for underplayed performanes by Amol Palekar and Shabana Azmi who make you forget for a while that they are actors.
  Kissise na kehna starring Utpal Dutt, Deepti Naval, Faarooq Sheikh and others
This movie subtly makes an attempt to prove wrong a popular, old misconception that Western Education and Indian Tradition are contradictory.
Watch this for Deepti Naval's beautiful potrayal of an educated, noble Indian woman and Utpal Dutt as the adorable father-in-law with a few out-dated principles but a heart made of gold. Farooq Sheikh as the harrowed son and the husband-in-love wins all your sympathies and brings a smile.
Chupke Chupke starring Dharmendra,Amitabh Bachchan,Sharmila,Jaya Bhaduri and others
Dharmendra plays Parimal Tripathi in this remake of the Bengali hit 'Chaddmabeshi' starring Uttam Kumar. Parimal disguises as a driver in Sharmila's house as they keep their marriage as secret from her brother and sister-in-law in a hilarious spate of events.
Golmaal starring Utpal Dutt, Amol Palekar and others
This film portrays the effect of perception biases of Bhavani Shankar played by Utpal Dutt on the life of Ramprasad DashrathPrasad Sharma, played by Amol Palekar.Shankar is a very strict person, abhors recommendation for jobs, has a fascination for Indian values, displays a vehement stance against sports-mania amongst the youth (but is a sports fan himself) and the cultural arts, and considers sporting a moustache as a sign of pride. R.D Sharma, a chartered accountant looking for a job, lands up in Shanker's firm in a bizarre turn of absolutely hilarious events which will leave you in laughing riots.


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