As gross as it gets!

Its been 3 years now that I live in Chennai. The city stretches over a vast area and so where you live and where you work may be very far apart. A lot of people use the local train service to cover these long distances. Some of my most refreshing hours have been spent in a train carriage reflecting over thoughts and feelings while watching roads, cars, canals, building, the city flit by.

A disgusting incident comes to mind.

That day I was boarding a train from Nungambakkam. I heard the final whistle while booking the ticket.The next train would arrive a good 15-20 minutes later and I didn't want to wait for it on that hot, sultry afternoon. I hurtled down the steps and managed to climb into the vendor's cabin of the already-moving Tambaram bound train. A lot of people were standing as all the benches in the carriage had already been occupied. I caught a couple of breaths, relieved to have caught the train.

Opposite to where I stood, a couple sat talking sweet nothings and giggling.

Soon the girl picked something out of her head and squished it between her nails. I deduced that it was a louse. It had to be a louse!
'Eew!'the guy shuddered aloud and probably went on to playfully jibe at the brood of lice her head was infested with. The girl's eyes flared with anger instantly.
'Show your hand!' she ordered tritely. She was holding the dead remains between her thumb and index finger.
'No ways! I am not doing anything of that sort!' The guy exclaimed.

What went on for the next couple of minutes can be described in only one word: Yuck!
He opened his palm, unwillingly in front of her and she placed the bloody insect on it.
And I stared on astonished by what I was seeing. The kind of things some people do for love...absolutely unbelievable!

And in-case you are wondering what I did next, I got down in the next station and puked.


varnita bose said…
@Karpagam : :D How are you?

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