Chennai Diaries : My right-brained rockstar!

I found this as I was leafing through an old diary. At that time I was a paying guest for a Tamilian family, in Murichur Road, Tambaram. Deeksha was the land-lady's 7-yr-old daughter.

"I am constantly surprised, how the world expects, two people with two completely different brain orientations, to react in similar manner to a given stimuli.We set general standards like 'IQ' to test all people, when 'IQ' essentially is a measure of one's left-brain capacity.

The reason I have so much fun teaching 7-yr old Deeku is because of the weird reactions that she gives while doing her homework.'Deeksha! M and not W. b, not d.',  I often find myself reprimanding.
'Enna Kodumai ithu!'she mutters, irritated.
Our curriculum has very few arrangements for right-brained or dyslexic children.
Multiplication tables, force, motion, machines, arduous hours of mugging up may not be Deeku's cup of tea but she excels in extra curricular activities. She can spend hours in front of the mirror choreographing dance steps. She gets excited about teaching me her steps. The most fascinating thing about her is her invaluable heart. Expressing appreciation and sharing come to her naturally. Patience, tolerance and forgiveness are the virtues she is blessed with. She has an acute sense of rhythm and a vivid imagination.

Deeku's teachers think she is slow in learning .I find this unfair(though she is completely unperturbed).Her parent's though optimistic get slightly worried sometimes.

On any given day,Deeksha would prefer a painting session, outdoors or yoga or a song/dance class. Instead she stares at a myriad of numbers and alphabets in her notebook. Seriously, Enna Kodumai, I feel like asking.

The left side of the brain is responsible for the following, mainly:
  • logical and analytical reasoning abilities
  • words and speech recognition
  • decision making
Perfect for the school topper or the math genius. But the problem starts when you get older and start measuring feelings, and analysing relationships. The left-brain-dominant people, not surprisingly, thus fare poorly on the personal front. A strong left-brain combined with a powerful memory is all you need to justify revenge, condone a wrong act and probably even cause harm to another.
Remember reasoning thus : 'He/She did this to me. I was wronged. Now it's my turn.'

The world population today has a Left-Brained majority.
Trees felled, concrete jungles, global warming, terrorism.Would the global scenario be different if it was the other way around? Even if I stopped thinking wishfully, I can't help asking for an elementary education system that offers more options to little children so they can learn things that they are naturally inclined towards."


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