Heaven on Earth

Is there anything more wonderful than biting deep into a huge slice of some delightful chocolate trufle pastry? The taste of thick frozen dark chocolate melting in your mouth,ah!

Well I did just that yesterday while watching the beautiful movie 'A Good Year' for the second time. It is sad that, these days, we have had to compromise on so many noble values in our journey to become the most 'whatever-fits' creation on earth.

Gone are those days when, little children lived with doting grandparents.To live with somebody who thinks the world of you, who believes that there could be no one brighter or better than you, who knows for certain that you alone will become the richest, most sought after person, someday in the future, can do magic for a child.To have somebody around who is proud of you, because you are the way you are, can be the driving force behind your success, in every walk of your life.
To have found such a person, would be like having God as your guide.

I wish more number of parents, today, would understand the importance of nurturing children with warmth, patience and love instead of shoving them into high profile schools and expensive colleges.

Leaving a legacy of wealth behind after your death or spending that extra hour with your children today? Which one would you respect your parents, for doing? Which one do you think your children would remember you, for doing?
Its not the wealth, I am sure. :)


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