Of hugs and sighs

of hugs and sighs,
big sunglasses and smoke
(and hash and dope)

of friendships to die for
(with friends to die with)

of kindness and generosity
amidst endless laughter and painful tears

of anger bottled within
(and love doled out by heaps)

of loneliness and need,
some desires and a little bit of greed

of mistakes and learning
and the poetry of e.e.cummings

of pillion rides and old songs

of dreams and celluloid,
and a heart full of void

of brave love
with crazy, stupid men
(for a pinch of vermillion and a dead fish)

of sincere prayers and elusive peace
(and the debt crisis in Greece)

of breaths, both lost and found
(and caught between kisses)

for the sake of life dear, in between
and of course, a certain yellow submarine


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